Shimmer3 Ebio Unit

Shimmer3 Ebio Unit

Shimmer3 Ebio Unit

Shimmer3 Ebio Unit

The Shimmer3 Ebio sensor has been developed to monitor Bioimpedance and/or ECG on resting subjects to provide real-time indications of respiration from the lungs.

Electrical impulses are specifically measured from across the chest and captured by the Shimmer sensor. These signals are transferred to Shimmers ConsensysPRO Software for real time analysis or stored onboard the SD card for post-processing. Shimmers ECG/Bioimpedance sensor can provide indications of:

  • respiration rate,
  • respiration volume,
  • fluid in the lungs.

White Paper - Shimmer3 Ebio Sensor for Clinical Trials

In addition to ECG and bioimpedance data, the sensor can simultaneously collect 9dof IMU data via 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer. The sensor is designed to be robust for at home and in clinic use with battery life extending to 2+ days without recharging in the local data storage mode, or 8+ hours in the streaming mode.

Call to Researchers to Help Use Bioimpedance to Manage COVID-19


Accessories included:

  • Biophysical 18" leads (x5)
  • 1x Waist Strap

Note: ECG Electrodes and Alcohol Swabs not included.

First Time Users

To ensure you have all items required to collect ECG data, please see our ECG development kit here.