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Call to Researchers to Help Use Bioimpedance to Manage COVID-19

Managing the treatment of COVID-19 patients has become one of the most critical challenges of this pandemic.  Because COVID-19 attacks the lungs, monitoring respiration is critical to managing the disease. Bioimpedance can measure respiration rate, depth, and potentially even fluid in the lungs.  We believe that a combined ECG-Bioimpedance monitoring solution can play a significant role in managing this crisis, helping determine if, and when, patients should be hospitalized and potentially managing their treatment within the hospital.

Shimmer has an off the shelf product that can be used to monitor bioimpedance, ECG, posture and activity, the Shimmer3 EBio.  Because COVID-19 is a new disease, baseline information needs to be obtained to develop thresholds and protocols for this management.  Shimmer is actively pursuing research to develop these digital biomarkers but, because of the urgency of this challenge, we want to make sure that other researchers are aware of the Shimmer3 EBio product in case they wish to pursue this goal in parallel.  The most important thing is to have the most impact as quickly as possible and we want to assist in any way possible.If you are interested in learning more about Shimmer’s thinking in this area and our product, please see the attached concept paper HERE or contact us HERE.