Verisense IMU Activity & Sleep Kit

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Verisense IMU Activity & Sleep Kit

Verisense IMU Activity & Sleep Kit

Verisense IMU Activity & Sleep Kit

Shimmer’s newest platform offering, Verisense, is designed for long term Clinical Research of activity and sleep. Verisense also provides raw data 6 DoF inertial sensing via Accel and Gyro to enable use for a variety of applications that require long term motion monitoring.

Built specifically to address many of the complex challenges of Clinical Research, Verisense offers:

  • 6 months battery life
  • Quality clinical grade raw data 
  • Validated activity and sleep metrics inbuilt
  • Automated data upload to cloud server
  • Alert system to notify and address potential compliance issues
  • No touch, no interface operation - Participant simply wears the sensor

Verisense’s innovative design reduces burden on both researchers and trial participants alike.

Verisense is comprised of three integrated components to make collecting data a seamless, easy to use experience. 

Activity and sleep monitoring - 6 DoF IMU

What's included in a development kit:

  • 1, 3, or 5 Verisense IMU Sensors and Base Stations
  • Verisense web software, web hosting, and cellular data plan for three months (Additional months can be purchased upon request)
  • System setup and monitoring

Only valid in the US, UK and EU. Other quantities, durations and geographies available. Please contact us for more information.



Features & Benefits

  • Provides continuous raw data
  • 24x7 data coverage
  • No recharging for up to 6 months
  • No need to remove – even for bathing
  • Minimum burden for sites and participants
  • Multiple features to ensure data integrity
  • Advanced remote management features
  • Flexible styling


Verisense IMU can be used for many applications beyond just activity and sleep monitoring.

Multiple sensors can be used on a single participant. Depending on the body location and number of sensors, a wide variety of additional metrics can be generated.

Shimmer customers have used our IMUs to provide many gait parameters, Parkinson’s tremor classification, joint angle calculation and rehab exercise count to name a few.


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