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Shimmer Featured in Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices

Dublin, Ireland May 05th, President of Shimmer Americas, Geoff Gill documents the importance of capturing raw sensor data for clinical trials in this months version of the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices (Vol. 16, No. 5, May 2020) by the supporting group behind streamlining clinical research and standardizing best practices in clinical operations - MAGI.

Geoff outlines the shortcomings of most consumer wearables that output processed data and subsequently do not provide access to the raw data. While this is usually sufficient in a consumer setting, it does raise questions around data transparency, algorithm consistency and data re-usability that are critical for clinical studies. Geoff further details the many advantages of accessing raw data and why clinical studies incorporating wearables simply must use devices that offer all raw data to the researcher. 

The full article can be viewed using the link provided.

A core component of the Shimmer technology across the Shimmer3, Verisense and NeuroLynQ platforms is the ability to access all raw data. Furthermore, Shimmer's commitment to developing clinical endpoints from the collection and sharing of raw data is seen in our founding of the OWEAR initiative, a collaboration among device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, industry associations, and others to make algorithms and validation data more accessible to researchers and also support regulatory approval for clinical endpoints.

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