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Ipsos Uses NeuroLynQ Platform to Conduct its Annual All-Wireless Neuromarketing Super Bowl Study


Dublin, February 03rd 2020, For the third year running, Shimmer a leading provider of medical grade wearable wireless sensors has been selected as the partner of choice for Ipsos' annual study measuring an audience’s nonconscious, real-time response to all the advertisements during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Taking place in New York City on the evening of February 02nd, 2020, each of the 40 participants wore the NeuroLynQ sensor for the full duration of the game which was just under four hours in length. The NeuroLynQ sensors measured the galvanic skin response (GSR) of participants then wirelessly transmitted the data to a server which processed the data to generate a real time read on the whole audience’s responses. At a glance, Ipsos could focus on an individual's response or report on the percentage of the audience that was having a response.

Ipsos used NeuroLynQ to measure the nonconscious response of the audience to every commercial throughout the game, aired in the NYC area and rank the different ads accordingly. The data was used to decode which ads had the strongest emotional impact on the audience during the event itself, including the context of the big game – a very different methodology to most rankings, which test ads in isolation. Their results are ranked here:

According to Pedr Howard, from Ipsos Creative Excellence: “We believe this is a markedly different ranking system to most used in the industry, for two reasons: first it is entirely based on passive measurement, passive reactions; second, it was collected during the event itself, reflecting the real-world response and context around the Super Bowl." 

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