Neuromarketing Made Easy


A turnkey system for understanding the emotional response of a group in real time


NeuroLynQ is a complete solution which, using scientifically validated GSR and ECG data, provides unique insight into the unconscious reactions of a large group of people simultaneously

Utilizing Shimmer's award winning, scientifically validated sensing platform, GSR and ECG data capture are merged within a single sensor. NeuroLynQ can be configured to measure the emotional response of an audience of up to 45 people simultaneously.


Applications for NeuroLynQ

Mobile - Monitor emotional response as the participant moves around in a store, car clinic, or even at home. A point of view camera records everything the participant sees and their responses are overlaid on the video. Great for biometrically informed ethnography.

Example Applications: - Shopper - In-Home - Car Clinics - Outdoor

Qualitative - Monitor individual and aggregate responses of a group of participants in real-time. A simple status screen tells you who is responding and who isn't. Multiple sessions can be aggregated to build a quantitative sample size.

Example Applications: - Focus Groups - Mock Jury Trials - Concept Testing - Product Testing - Ad Testing

Quantitative - Obtain a quantitative sample of 30-45 people in a single session with results provided in real-time. Summary metrics for stimuli are available immediately after the session. Multiple sessions can be aggregated for segment analysis

Example Applications: - Video Ad Testing - Movie Screening - Pilot Testing - Still Images


Benefits of NeuroLynQ

NeuroLynQ is revolutionizing Neuromarketing by making easy and practical. The NeuroLynQ system has a number of key beneftis and these include:

Easy to Use - All hardware and software is included, and these have been designed to work together so that a non-technical person can be trained to use the system.

Easy to Understand - NeuroLynQ's aggregate metrics are based on the percentage of the audience who are responding. Aggregating and segmenting the results is easy and, for the first time, users can start comparing survey and neuromarketing metrics on the same basis.

Fast - Analysis can be carried out in real time. A video with a trace is available immediately upon completion of data collection.

Flexible - NeuroLynQ can be used for quick real-time read.

Cost Effective - The NeuroLynQ system typically costs less than a single study from a full service Neuromarketing firm. It can be used over and over, dropping the the cost per study to a fraction of other approaches. For customers who will not perform frequent studies, or who would like to try before they buy, Shimmer offers rental and service options.



NeuroLynQ Video 




NueroLynQ Metrics

NeuroLynQ provides built-in, real-time metrics that make understanding the emotional response of a group easy, including:

 Normailized GSR
- Shows GSR signals normalized to a baseline that can be reset any time at the push of a button

- Reported as the percent deviation from the original baseline

- Provides a quick impression of individual experience

 GSR Spikes
- Shows the percentage of the audience that has spiked in the last five seconds (can be set by user)

- Provides indication of how many people are highly engaged


 Declining Arousal
- Percent of people whose GSR is flat or declining

- Provides indication of people who are "tuning out"



NeuroLynQ Software

NeuroLynQ's intuitive easy to use software allows for data to be collected and analyzed both in real time and post-session. Its straightforward usability ensures trials can be run easily and efficiently without the need for advanced technical skills. 

Key Features include (updated release June 2018):

  • Simultaneous live streaming from up to 45 participants
  • Visualize live streamed GSR and Heart-rate data @ 5Hz and import high resolution data, logged to internal SD card @ 256Hz
  • Customize what metrics are visible at any time with NeuroLynQ's flexible user interface
  • Highlight moments of interest as they occur with event annotation features
  • Superimpose signals on a video of the audience and/or stimulus in real time
  • Replay session video and data, adjusting display settings in any way you want
  • Metrics that summarize the results of time windows (event marks)
  • Enhanced ability to edit the event marks after the fact
  • A “Video Assistant” to allow users to add traces to any video

What is GSR and ECG?

GSR is a method of measuring the electrical conductance of the skin, which varies depending on the amount of sweat-induced moisture on the skin. ECG, measures the electrical activity of the heart. Find out more on GSR and ECG and it's impact on Neuroscience here.