Power & Efficiency for Biometric Research

NeuroLab Computer

Shimmer has partnered with iMotions, a world leader in scalable Biometric Research solutions to release NeuroLab Computer, the latest ready-to-use solution available for research labs to conduct multimodal biometric research quickly and easily.

Custom designed by Shimmers engineering team and co-developed with iMotions’ researchers, the NeuroLab Computer is among the most powerful computers available commercially.

Hardware components were selected for optimal speed, power and graphics capabilities, ensuring peak performance during everyday usage and the most challenging testing scenarios. Features include: 10 built-in USB ports for multimodal research and sensor integrations, 8GB graphics and 16GB RAM.

Additionally, iMotions configures chosen sensors and installs iMotions lab software prior to shipping, making setup and integration fast and easy.


• 16GB Kit (1x 16GB) RAM
• ASRock X99E-ITX Motherboard
• Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD
• CoolerMaster GM Series G650M
• CoolerMaster Elite 110 Case
• Microsoft Windows 10 PRO
• 2 year warranty
• 10 USB ports for multiple sensor integrations

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