Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

The Shimmer3 GSR+ (Galvanic Skin Response) unit provides connections and preamplification for one channel of Galvanic Skin Response data acquisition (Electrodermal Resistance Measurement - EDR/Electrodermal Activity (EDA). The GSR+ unit is suitable for measuring the electrical characteristics or conductance of your skin, as well as capturing an Optical Pulse/PPG (Photoplethysmogram) signal and converting to estimate heart rate (HR), using the Shimmer ear clip or optical pulse probe.


The Galvanic Skin Response Sensor is used for realtime GSR Biofeedback. The Shimmer GSR+ sensor monitors skin conductivity between two reusable electrodes attached to two fingers of one hand caused by a stimulus the sweat glands become more active, increasing moisture on the skin and allowing the current to flow more readily by changing the balance of positive and negative ions in the secreted fluid (increasing skin conductance). 


10 DoF IMU motion signals can also be captured with this unit to allow for further context if desired. All signals can be measured simultaneously and in real-time. With our ConsensysPRO software data can be streamed for live visualization, while raw data can also be logged to an SD card and accessed. 


Accessories included:

  • Optical Pulse Sensing Probe (Finger)
  • Optical pulse sensors (Earlobe)
  • GSR+ Electrodes (x2)
  • Biophysical 9" leads (x2)
  • 1x Wrist Strap

First Time Users

To ensure you have all items required to collect GSR and PPG data, please see our GSR development kit here.

Features & Benefits

Reliable System

  • Validated for use in biomedical-oriented research applications
  • Four digitally controlled measurement ranges which developers use to ensure accurate measurements
  • Gain selection can be hard-coded or manually selected
  • Phasic conductance can be observed with respect to baseline level of skin conductance

Real-time Data Collection, Display, and Storage

  • Provides pre-amplification of GSR signal, converts to digital format, and can stream directly to a host device without the need for an intermediate receiving unit.
  • Provides real-time physiological data collection and streaming to a host PC for real-time display and storage
  • Real-time LabVIEW drivers and support library for application specific analysis and software interface development

Lightweight, Wearable Unit

  • Designed to be wearable, the Shimmer GSR addresses challenges of mobility and provides a high-quality, scientifically reliable data as either a wireless transmitter or an autonomous data-logger
  • Free from wired constraints, the Shimmer GSR provides a comfortable and distress free solution for athletes, children, elderly and patients with a disability
  • The small size and lightweight (28g) design allows the unit to be worn on any body segment for full range of motion during all types of tasks or exercises, without effecting their movement, techniques, or motor pattern

Adaptability (Wired vs. Wireless)

  • Offers greater ergonomic value than larger wired units
  • Easily combine GSR data with Shimmer’s integrated accelerometer for greater contextual information
  • Easily combine GSR data with the full range of Shimmer Biophysical, Kinematic and Ambient sensor modules

Leverages Shimmer3 Functionality

  • MSP430 microcontroller (24MHz, MSP430 CPU)
  • Bluetooth Radio – RN-42
  • Integrated 8GB micro SD card
  • 450mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Low profile & stylish wearable enclosure
  • Highly configurable to user/developer’s specific needs


Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit includes:

  • 1 Channel GSR (Analog)
  • Measurement Range: 10k-4.7MΩ (.2uS - 100uS) +/- 10%. 22k-680kΩ (1.5-45uS) +/- 3%
  • Frequency Range*: DC-15.9Hz
  • Input Protection: RF/EMI filtering, Current limiting
  • Current Draw*: 60µA
  • 2 x Hospital-Grade 1mm Touchproof IEC/EN 60601-1 DIN42-802 jacks
  • Auxiliary input: 2 Channel Analog/I2C Digital input: via 3.5mm 4-position jack


  • Affective Computing and Cognitive Factors Research
  • Stress Detection and Analysis
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Psychological Arousal (Mental Effort, Excitement, Shock)
  • Relaxation Training and Psychotherapy
  • Marketing Research



Supporting Applications

Supporting developer applications including the full range of Shimmer Development Tools, OS Firmware and Enabling Applications

Development Tools:

  • Shimmer LabVIEW Instrument Driver
  • Shimmer MATLAB Instrument Driver
  • Shimmer Android Instrument Driver
  • Shimmer C# Instrument Driver

*Applications above are free to use/download for Shimmer members/customers.