PROTO3 Deluxe Unit

PROTO3 Deluxe Unit

PROTO3 Deluxe Unit

PROTO3 Deluxe Unit

The Shimmer PROTO3 Unit is part of the Shimmer PROTO3 series which consists of a number of expansion boards for the Shimmer3 platform.

These expansion boards can be used to interface the Shimmer3 with an Analogue Output Sensor, a Digital Output Sensor, a Serial UART or a Parallel Bus Interface.
The PROTO3 series of boards enables end users or application developers to incorporate additional functionality to the Shimmer, providing an outlet to develop their specific application or user requirement.

The PROTO3 boards allow easy prototyping of 3rd party sensors or custom sensing solutions with Shimmer.

The Shimmer3 main board is supplied attached with this product as well as TRRS cables.

Further information on the PROTO3 series can be found here.

Features & Benefits

PROTO3 Deluxe:

  • Four channels of analog or two channels of digital input allow users to attach external devices via 3.5mm jack connectors on PROTO3 Deluxe or via through-hole connections on PROTO3 Mini.
  • Power supplied to external devices via 3V connection which can be enabled/disabled via FW.
  • EEPROM storage device enables expansion board detection and identification, as well as 2032 bytes of data storage available to user.
  • PWM option for PROTO3 Deluxe available upon factory request.
  • PROTO3 Mini connects to the Shimmer3 via the internal expansion connectors; fits within the standard Shimmer3 enclosure.
  • PROTO3 Deluxe connects to the Shimmer3 via the internal expansion connectors; requires an extended Shimmer3 enclosure.


  • Current consumption: dependent on connected peripherals
  • Input Protection: none.
  • Connections:

                       PROTO3 Deluxe: Two 3.5mm 4-position jacks.

                                                       TRRS Cables (6 in pack) 

                       PROTO3 Mini: Through-hole connections.

  • Measurement Range: 0 - 3V.
  • Frequency Range: dependent on connected peripheral; sampling rate configurable via FW.