Consensys Bridge Amplifier+ Development Kit

Consensys Bridge Amplifier+ Development Kit

Consensys Bridge Amplifier+ Development Kit

Consensys Bridge Amplifier+ Development Kit

The Shimmer3 Bridge Amplifier+ Development kit provides developers with a comprehensive tool set to support the implementation of wireless solutions based on the state of the art Shimmer3 platform. The kit provides a complete development environment for Bluetooth and local storage in body worn applications.

Complete with x2 Shimmer3 Bridge Amplifier+ units, the kit is ideal for all load, weight, force, torque and pressure measurements through the connection of a strain gauge bridge sensor of load cell. The Bridge Amplifier+ Development Kit has a full range of sensing modules to support the development of Kinematic and Biophysical (IMU), or ambient sensing applications.


The Development Kit allows the user to capture raw force and resistance data that is supported by a range of development software tools and applications including: Shimmer instrument drivers for LabVIEW, MATLAB, or Shimmer C# and Java/Android API. This ensures simplicity in the creation of wearable wireless sensing solutions.

Package Highlights

Based on programmable Shimmer unit with versatile range of uses:

  •  Improvement on previous generation Strain Gauge; now features Bridge Amplifier input as well as resistance divider input
  •  Strain Gauge/Resistance data can be measured simultaneously with 10DOF kinematic data
  •  Interface strain gauge or load cell sensors with Shimmer3 to measure load, weight, force, torque or pressure.
  •  Interface variable resistance sensor with Shimmer, for example, temperature sensitive resistor, to measure ambient, skin-surface or other temperature.
  •  Provides excitation source for strain gauge or load cell, meaning no external voltage source is required.
  •  Excitation source and amplifier are software controlled, allowing optimisation of power consumption.
  •  Two channels of output from bridge amplifier, providing both low and high gain; low gain is ideal for bipolar inputs, whilst high gain provides additional 3x gain for unipolar load cells.
  •  EEPROM storage device enables expansion board detection and identification, as well as 2032 bytes of data storage available to user.

Features & Benefits

The Bridge Amplifier+ Development  Kit supplies researchers and developers with the necessary supports to realise market ready wireless solutions

  • Best data quality - Integrated 9 DoF inertial sensing via  2x accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and altimeter, each with selectable range
  • Connections: Two 3.5mm jacks (headphone type) for 4 conductor shielded cable for Bridge Amplifier and Resistance Amplifier
  • Strain Gauge/Resistance data can be measured simultaneously with 9DOF kinematic data,


Bridge Amplifier Development Kit components:

  • Shimmer3 Bridge Amplifier x 2
  • Dock x 1
  • TRRS Cables x 6
  • 3 Pack skin temperature surface probe x 1
  • Straps waist x1
  • Straps wrist x1
  • Calibration jig x1
  • USB flashdrive x1
  • Screw driver x1
  • Case x 1
  • Manual x 1


  • Sports technique performance and medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strength capacity and force measurement
  • Resistance
  • Fall risk assessment (grip strength)
  • Fatigue Analysis



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