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We believe wearable wireless sensing can provide new insight, and effect real change for societal and business challenges. Our team is core to this philosophy, embracing and constantly redefining how we deliver our technology and solutions now, and in the future.

Meet some members of our team at Shimmer who make our vision a reality … and if you’d like to join us, check out our careers page.

  • Paddy White - Team Members
    Paddy White CEO

    About Paddy White

    Paddy is the Founder & CEO of Shimmer. Having founded Realtime Technologies in 1996 as an electronics manufacturing support company, Realtime has grown into a global specialist Electronic Contract Design & Manufacturing services provider.

    Prior to setting up Realtime Paddy was with Intel, as a member of the startup team at their Leixlip facility in Ireland heading up the original Quality function. Paddy was with Amdahl Corp. as Operations Manager, prior to joining Intel, at their Ireland facility in Swords, Co.Dublin.

    To relax, Paddy enjoys nothing better than Skerries RFC winning at home followed by a few post match pints of Guinness going over the analytics of the match with friends and foe!

  • Geoff Gill - Team Members
    Geoff Gill President, Shimmer Americas

    About Geoff Gill

    Geoff joined Shimmer in March 2016 as the President of Shimmer Americas. Geoff’s primary role is as a member of the global management team with particular focus on business and product strategy for the consumer neuroscience and medical markets.

    Prior to Shimmer, Geoff performed a wide variety of roles at Innerscope Research, Inc., a leading consumer neuroscience company, most recently as CFO/SVP of Operations.  Other experience includes VP of R&D for Bayer Diagnostics Critical Care division and Global Market Manager at Weidmann Electrical Technology.  Geoff has a AB in Applied Math and Physics from Harvard University and an MS in Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

    Geoff's main hobbies include tennis and squash, neither of which he plays as frequently (or as well) as he wishes.

  • Norman Davidson - Team Members
    Norman Davidson Engineering Development Manager

    About Norman Davidson

    Norman joined Shimmer in 2017. Graduating from Waterford Institute of Technology in 1985 as an electronics engineer, Norman has worked in numerous industries including communications, aviation, television, transport and audio both in the commercial and military sectors. 

    Norman has worked for companies, such as IBM, Digital, Compaq, Cirrus Logic, Esterline, and National Avionics in a diverse range of roles including Principle Engineer, Programme Manager and Development Manager. Throughout his career he has been at the forefront of innovation and holds 5 patents as well as being involved in the successful IPO of two companies. He was also part of the team that received two Queens Awards for  Enterprise, in Innovation and Export. Norman’s hobbies include fishing, and motorsports.

  • Paul White - Team Members
    Paul White Financial Controller

    About Paul White

    Paul joined Shimmer in June 2017 as part of the Finance team. Paul is a chartered accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has worked in numerous industries including retail, manufacturing, renewable energies, healthcare and the New Zealand public sector.

    Paul has undertaken a range of roles in the finance function including an assistant accountant, financial accountant, and business accountant. Most recently Paul worked in the New Zealand public sector the New Zealand Transport Agency where he was able to combine his love of traveling with a career in finance. Working for the Transport Agency, Paul advised area managers on their budgets of up to $150M.

    Paul is a keen Gaelic football player and coach for Skerries Harps. He also enjoys football, hurling, and rugby.

  • Martina Donohue - Team Members
    Martina Donohue Marketing Manager

    About Martina Donohue

    Martina joined Shimmer in December 2013 as part of the Marketing team and brings with her a passion and enthusiasm for wearable sensing. Having previously worked on many academic and commercial business projects in the past, her most esteemed (and favourite) was in the area of integrating a lifestyle and social media approach to fitness.

    Martina holds B.Bs Business Studies and M.Sc in International Business from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Most recently, she completed her MBA from Trinity College Dublin where she had the opportunity to consult for a leading Irish export company on tailored strategic issues such as product strategy and export-led growth. During this intensive year she was also part of a team that advised SME’s seeking to identify an innovative approach for a business problem connected to scale. Prior to joining Shimmer, Martina worked in both the Insurance and Property Industry respectfully.

    Another sports enthusiast and avid runner; any opportunity to take part in a local half marathon race is seized. Outside of her many professional goals and work commitments, one of her main personal goals over the next two years is to start training for an expedition to base camp one!

  • Tom Blackadar - Team Members
    Tom Blackadar Technology Consultant

    About Tom Blackadar

    Tom joined Shimmer in September of 2016 as the Technology Consultant. Tom’s primary role is to help Shimmer explore the future roadmap for technology development and help new and old clients in their implementation of the Shimmer technology.

    Tom is one of the pioneers in wearable computing, catching the bug back in 1992 at Bolt Beranek and Newman and founding FitSense Technology in 1997 to “bring the human body on line”.   Fitsense delivered the first ever speed distance monitor for the consumer with 98% accuracy in 2000, which was then licensed to Nike for the Nike+ system. He has 29 patents, and 11 pending. He has a BS in electrical engineering with concentrations in computer science and biomedical engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

    Tom’s hobbies include everything music, fishing, and helping young startups get off the ground.

  • Mark Nolan - Team Members
    Mark Nolan Senior Development Engineer

    About Mark Nolan

    Mark joined the Shimmer team in early 2014 as a development engineer and brings his passion for innovation and technology development.

    Having graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a BEng Tech in Electrical and Control Systems Engineering in 2005, he followed this closely with a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2007. Most recently he completed his PhD from the same institution in the area of multimodal wearable sensors for human-machine interfaces.

    Prior to joining Shimmer, Mark worked as technical consultant on a number of Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher projects, assisting companies with prototype strategy and development. One of the most interesting projects Mark consulted on was for a European Space agency REXUS project, where he co-developed and fabricated a number of circuit boards that were propelled into the earth's stratosphere.

    Never one to turn down challenge, Mark fancies himself as a bit of a handyman - cars, motorbikes, any electronic devise and DIY jobs are never safe in his presence.

  • Jong Chern Lim - Team Members
    Jong Chern Lim Applications Engineer - Mobile

    About Jong Chern Lim

    Jong Chern is an Application Engineer as part of the Shimmer team. Primarily he works on Android, Matlab and C# related applications.

    Jong Chern studied Communication and Electronic Engineering at University of Northumbria before completing his MSc in Information Technology at Malaysia University of Science and Technology, and his PhD in Computer Science at University College Dublin.

    In his free time, Jong Chern enjoys messing around with both conventional and nonconventional  musical instruments such as seen in the following videos:

    Shimmer Holiday Greeting -

    Shimmer Air Drums Demo -

  • Ruaidhri Molloy - Team Members
    Ruaidhri Molloy Applications Engineer - Biophysical

    About Ruaidhri Molloy

    Ruaidhri joined Shimmer Research's application's team straight out of his undergrad (Bachelor of Engineering in Sports & Exercise Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway).
    His main areas of interest lie in the kinematic and biophysical space where he creates smart, intuitive and attractive applications using LabVIEW and the Android platform.
    When work finishes, he can be found on a variety of sports fields or catching up on the latest tech blogs.

  • Enda Feeney - Team Members
    Enda Feeney Senior Marketing Executive

    About Enda Feeney

    Enda joined the Shimmer team in October 2014. Enda’s primary role is to grow Shimmer’s presence through the company’s Digital Marketing channels.

    Enda holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from GMIT and obtained a Masters in E-Commerce from NUIG. Enda is also undertaking a postgraduate Diploma in International Business, in conjunction with the Irish Management Institution and UCC at present.  

    It was during his studies and subsequent internships that Enda gained a considerable appreciation for the impact Digital Marketing Channels can have on a Company’s overall marketing efforts and also developed a keen interest in website design from a user perspective.

    Prior to joining Shimmer Enda’s main experience is in the e-learning, e-commerce industry, where he quickly recognised the importance of delivering quality content to consumers. Enda has a keen interest in all sports but has a particular passion for the Irish Sport hurling.

  • Matthew Patterson - Team Members
    Matthew Patterson Biomedical Data Scientist

    About Matthew Patterson

    Matt joined the Shimmer team as a Biomedical Data Scientist in March 2015 and is working in the exciting area of developing algorithms to convert raw Shimmer data to useful metrics for clinicians, researchers, coaches and general users.

    Matt graduated with a BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo in Canada. He then spent 5 years working for a wearable sensor technology start up on the west coast of Canada before being awarded a SFI-Clarity Centre scholarship at University College Dublin to complete his PhD investigating novel processing methods from inertial sensor data for gait analysis.

    Prior to joining Shimmer, Matt spent a year and a half working as a Fujitsu sponsored Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. During this time he ran a study which investigated the influence that external environment has on falls risk in the elderly in the home and community setting.

    During his spare time Matt enjoys complaining about how there aren't any ice hockey rinks in Ireland as well as travelling, sailing and running.

  • Joseph Yong - Team Members
    Joseph Yong Applications Engineer

    About Joseph Yong

    Joseph joined Shimmer’s Kuala Lumpur office in May 2017 as part of their engineering team.
    His role involves developing and testing mobile solutions for Shimmer’s range of products, with a focus on Android and Java applications.

    He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
    He has a keen interest in keeping up with the latest technology, and loves tinkering with mobile consumer electronics and PCs to extract their maximum performance.

    When not working, Joseph enjoys the great outdoors, going for hikes and treks when he can.
    In addition, he loves to go for a good run, enjoys swimming, as well as playing the occasional round of football.
    He is also an avid supporter of Chelsea FC, and tries not to miss any of their matches.

  • Adam Litke - Team Members
    Adam Litke Marketing Associate

    About Adam Litke

    Adam joined Shimmer in August 2017 as a part of the marketing team. Before coming to Shimmer, he attended Syracuse University in upstate New York. At Syracuse, Adam completed a dual degree in (BS) advertising and information management and technology. One of his biggest achievements is spending over two years on various accounts at The News House, the student-run advertising agency on campus. This experience allowed him to develop creative solutions to business problems and perfect client communication skills. Adam also had the opportunity to work at ACS, Inc. Web Design and SEO as a digital marketing intern. While at ACS, he primarily worked on data analytics and search engine optimization initiatives.

    Adam is a big time sports enthusiast. He mainly sticks to basketball and baseball, but has recently acquired a love for golf and tennis. Adam is also an avid follower of the New York Yankees and Giants, which will prove to be interesting as he starts his professional career in Boston.

  • Mas Azalya - Team Members
    Mas Azalya Applications Engineer

    About Mas Azalya

    Mas joined Shimmer’s Kuala Lumpur team in September 2018 as Application Engineer. She graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2018 with a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Engineering where her final project was based around an integrated home-based biomedical embedded system with Android mobile application specialized in vital sign monitoring. Outside of work, Mas can be found catching up on the latest wearable gadget technology news and blogs, especially in the area of health tracking and monitoring. Cats and coffee are a big part of her life, and in her free time, she enjoys spending time in the gym, running and playing badminton.

  • Cintya Schweiger Crisanto - Team Members
    Cintya Schweiger Crisanto Accounts and Administration

    About Cintya Schweiger Crisanto

    Cintya joined the Shimmer team in early 2019 as Accounts & Office Administrator. Her passion for numbers and logical problems meant she graduated from a Bank Management course in Brazil and now she is studying for her accounting certification in Ireland.

    Cintya moved to Ireland in 2014 where her focus was to study English. During her time here she fell in love with Ireland and decided to finish her certification here. She considers herself a team worker and loves to teach people.

    She likes to spend some time reading, traveling or going for a night out with her friends.

  • Diow YinYi - Team Members
    Diow YinYi Senior Marketing and Business Development Executive

    About Diow YinYi

    Diow joined Shimmer’s Kuala Lumpur team in February 2021 as Senior Marketing and Business Development Executive. She graduated from University Utara Malaysia in 2012 with a Bachelor of Marketing (Hons.) . She has working experience with various industries such as education, finance, marketing research and new startup company. In 2019 completed her Master of Business Admin program under Universiti Sains Malaysia.
    She has a keen passion in learning new skills to keep herself update. Out of work, she enjoy work out and play games during free time.

  • Ramesh Chhetri - Team Members
    Ramesh Chhetri Firmware Engineer

    About Ramesh Chhetri

    Ramesh joined Shimmer as a firmware engineer after completing his master's in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Dubin City University (DCU) and bachelors in Electronics and Communication from M.G.R. University in India.

    His final year project in the university was evaluating the RFID security using reverse engineering. Ramesh spends most of his spare time and weekends trekking in the mountains or travelling around the country.