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Dublin 12th October 2018 - We wanted to share with you our excitement about the release of our dedicated website for Neuromarketers! provides understandable, transparent and comprehensive content to market researchers, neuroscientists and to everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing. Our new website is home to Shimmer's NeuroLynQ technology, the first of its kind complete solution using scientifically validated GSR and ECG data, to provide unprecedented insight into the unconscious responses of a group or individual in real time.

The team here at Shimmer have built from the ground up a first-class Neuromarketing solution and now you can learn firsthand how to use these extremely effective Neuromarketing techniques using our biometrics, that will provide insights using into ‘Why’ and ‘How’ customers make certain decisions, and; 'If' and 'When' groups of people are having an emotional response to stimuli. You will also learn what biometrics can measure and how they can provide insights into research derived from Galvanic Skin Response and Heart Rate.

Also, learn how the system can be used across multiple applications from Video Ad testing on live events to focus group testing and even ethnographic research studies. Discover how we have set up in practice quantitative research studies monitoring physiological responses of participants with extremely useful insights found.

Our new website includes Helpful Resources such as:

  1. Easy to follow videos exploring the science behind NeuroLynQ
  2. Dedicated ‘offerings’ page outlining purchasing, rental and turnkey options
  3. Downloadable case studies of past experiments conducted
  4. Documentation section which includes a range of useful resources

This is just the starting point for and we will continue to improve content and resources in the near future. We are always open to feedback to improving on your experience, please feel free to contact us on our website contact forms.


About Shimmer Research

Shimmer is a leading technology company providing clinical-grade wearable wireless sensing technology.  Shimmer’s NeuroLynQ system is specifically designed to meet the needs of the market research market, allowing real-time analysis of up to 45 individuals in a natural setting and seamlessly integrating into standard research techniques.
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