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Shimmer announces the release of ConsensysPRO v1.0.0

September 15th, 2016 – Shimmer is delighted to announce the release of Consensys v1.0.0, which is now available to purchase from our shop page.

The launch of ConsensysPRO v1.0.0 marks the release of the most advanced version of the software to date. Users can now choose between two versions, ConsensysBASIC: designed with features for simple data capture or ConsensysPRO: designed as an upgraded version for the streamlined management of all your sensors with advanced feature capabilities.

Now available to purchase on an annual license, ConsensysPRO will include free upgrades, enhanced support, support for new versions of Shimmer hardware, and new features such as event marking, data annotation, Heart Rate calculation, and many more. It will also offer a platform for advanced analytics packages that are under development. Register for a 30 day free trial to experience all that ConsensysPRO has to offer.

All current customers should be aware that Consensys v0.4.4 will cease to be available for download on October 1, 2016. All current users may continue to use their current version indefinitely without charge, but we will cease to provide technical support to Consensys v0.4.4 as of December 31, 2016. Please visit our Q&A section or contact a sales representative if you have any questions.
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