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Shimmer Develops New Foot Sensor Algorithm


Boston, 22nd September 2017Shimmer has developed an algorithm to obtain mobility data from a Shimmer3 sensor (accel + gyro) placed on a shoe. This algorithm is based on state of the art wearable sensor/biomechanics research and has already been tested on a young, healthy data-set in order to obtain normative standards to compare metrics to. 

This algorithm is ideal for applications in the area of sensors embedded into shoes, or applications that could be used for remote monitoring or supervised monitoring, such as in a clinic or care-home.

The below information gives an overview of the algorithm, as well as data vizualizations for the normative data that has been collected to date:

Algorithm Summary

The Shimmer foot sensor algorithm has three levels of metrics:

Variable Type Metric Description
Temporal Stride time The time between foot strike on one foot to the next foot strike on the same foot. Represents one full gait cycle.
Kinematic Sagittal foot angle Sagittal plane foot angle during the gait cycle. Zero angle represents the angle of the foot during foot flat. Positive values represent a rotation with the toes going upward and negative represents a rotation with the heels going upward.
  Sagittal foot angle Frontal plane foot angle during the gait cycle.
Spatial Stride distance The distance from one foot placement to the next foot placement with the same foot










Data Visualizations

Stride time below:


Sagittal foot angle

Frontal Foot Angle


Anterior/ Posterior foot Velocity

Stride Distance

Normative gait data was obtained with 30 (16 female / 14 male) participants who performed twenty 12m walking trials each. You can find the normative data from these 30 participants in the table below:

Feature Unit Mean Max Min SD
Stride time Sec 1.08 1.28 0.91 0.09
Peak sagittal foot angle Deg 1.37 1.79 0.96 0.17
Min sagittal foot angle Deg -65.1 -30.9 -90.0 10.6
Max frontal foot angle Deg 14.3 44.2 0.0 12.0
Min frontal foot angle Deg -13.1 0.0 -43.3 11.1
Peak AP foot velocity m/sec 4.77 6.1 3.35 0.48
Stride length m 1.37 1.79 0.96 0.17
Normalized stride length m/cm 0.0113 0.0165 0.0074 0.0018









Watch this page because over the coming months, Shimmer is going to publish normative data with a healthy older adult population as well as a mobility limited elderly population.

If you are interested in this type of solution, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more details.