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New Product - Consensys Bundle Development Kit

Consensys Bundle Development Kit


Shimmer release new "All-in-One" Consensys Bundle Development Kit

Shimmer is delighted to announce that we are now offering a brand new development kit – the Consensys Bundle Development  Kit. This “All in One” kit includes the entire range of different Shimmer sensors, for customers looking for a complete sensing toolkit, and is now available to purchase from our online store.

The following Shimmer sensors are included in the kit:


Shimmer3 IMU – The original Shimmer developed for 9DoF motion sensing, incorporating both wide range and low noise accelerometers, a gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter, each with a selectable range.

Shimmer3 GSR+ - The Shimmer3 GSR+ unit allows the user to measure galvanic skin response and optical pulse, assisting with the collection of data for stress and anxiety detection, neuromarketing applications and more.

Shimmer3 EMG – This unit measures  and records the electrical activity associated with muscle contractions; assesses nerve conduction, muscle response in injured tissue and muscle activation level; and can also be used to analyze and measure the biomechanics of human or animal movement.

Shimmer3 ECG – The Shimmer3 ECG records the pathway of electrical impulses within the heart muscle, for use on resting or ambulatory subjects.

Shimmer3 Bridge Amplifier+ - This unit allows for a new range of sensors to be connected to the Shimmer3 platform and is ideal for all load, weight, force, torque and pressure in addition to skin surface temperature.

Complete with the full range of Shimmer sensors, the Consensys Bundle Development Kit also comes with all the required straps, leads, electrodes and other accessories, a calibration stand for the Shimmer3 IMU and most importantly, a Consensys Base15 for charging, configuring and retrieving logged data off the devices. All ConsensysPRO and ConsensysBase15 with Shimmersthis comes in a handy carry case for easy transportation of all your Shimmer equipment.

The kit also includes two annual licenses for ConsensysPRO – Shimmer’s advanced software application. Developed for Windows, ConsensysPRO allows you to manage all your devices and data in one place, as well as including advanced processing features and in-built algorithms.  Each license is for use on a single PC or laptop.

The Consensys Bundle Development Kit is ideal for users who are new to Shimmer and are looking to test the capabilities of the platform. Offering the ultimate in data collection versatility and flexibility, with this kit the user has access to the full range of biophysical and kinematic measurements offered by Shimmer. For our developer community, this kit provides you with a comprehensive tool-set to support rapid design prototyping and implementation of new wireless solutions.

If you’re looking to begin your own research or development using Shimmer and want to see what our technology can do for you, or you just want to leave your options open for future research, this kit should provide you with all the tools you need.

For more information and the full spec of this kit, visit the product page here. If you have any questions, make sure to contact the team at