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ConsensysPRO has New Features

ConsensysPRO V1.1.0 new features banner

ConsensysPRO has New Features

Last year Shimmer launched ConsensysPRO, our most advanced software yet. Now the team are gearing up to release the latest version of the software. ConsensysPRO v1.1.0 will have brand new features, such as an algorithm for providing inter-beat intervals, or the time interval between individual heart beats, activity level reports for kinematic data, as well as general improvements to data display and usability of the software and much more. The full list of new features can be found below.

ConsensysPRO is available for purchase on our product page. We are also offering a free 30 day trial so that you can test out the advanced features and capabilities for yourself. Visit the ConsensysPRO product page for more information or contact the team at

ConsensysPRO new features:

• Inter-beat intervals for ECG and PPG
• Activity level reports for kinematic data
• EMG Band-pass filtering
• Option to split files during export
• Bandwidth usage feedback
• Digital display for streaming data values
• Improved feedback for Shimmer error states
• Improved database load times
• Three uni-polar lead configuration option
• Shimmer configuration review for recorded data
• Option to copy a Shimmer’s settings to other Shimmers
• Improved plotting options
• Auto-creation of plots option for all enabled sensors of all connected Shimmers
• General software improvements