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All New Consensys Hardware & Software - Now Available

CONSENSYS - the all new integrated Software and Hardware solution for multi sensor management has arrived at Shimmer. With the Software available for download, the Hardware is available to order direct from the Shimmer online store. The Consensys management system is designed for adaptive human data collection, offering rapid semi-automated collection, synchronization of Shimmers uncalibrated and clinically validated data.

Now available is the Consensys software which includes a whole range of current and original features for those looking to capitalise on the platform's advanced and intuitive data capture functionality. Current Shimmer users can experience its functionality via its;

  • Improved sync capability (multiple Shimmer sensors and Consensys Base hardware required)
  • Automated import of logged data
  • Automated Firmware updates
  • Data collated and stored in an SQL-based database.
  • Batch file export into .CSV format

Shimmer's new powerful multi sensor management system allows users to focus on what matters most in wireless sensing – the acquisition of uncompromising quality data across multiple subjects simultaneously. Unlock the potential behind the software when used in conjunction with the new Consensys hardware base. The new base has capability of docking up to 15 Shimmer sensors simultaneously.

Software Features include:

  1. Uncalibrated and clinically relevant output of inertial and biophysical data simultaneously.
  2. Automated firmware updates and data import transfer automation as standard.
  3. When used in conjunction with the new Consensys hardware, users can now simultaneously configure up to 15 Shimmer3 sensors at once.
  4. Clear status indication with over 48 indicators (on Consensys Base 15).
  5. Accurate inter-sensor synchronization.
  6. Simple and intuitive unified graphical software for Windows.
  7. Downstream USB port for dock chaining and future peripherals.
  8. Easily used in research projects, repeatable clinical trials, system integration and product development.


From its orderly, user friendly hardware to its simple and intuitive software application, Consensys is designed to be a powerful integrated sensor management system. The Consensys hardware base works exclusively with the Shimmer3 Kinematic and Biophysical sensors including ECG, EMG, Galvanic Skin Response, optical pulse and Heart Rate and which boasts unrivaled performance levels and processing power. Whether you are collecting data in the field, in a clinical environment or in a Lab scenario, Consensys offers performance, functionality and reliability providing the optimal sensor management experience.

 Configure for Multiple Experiments

 Easily configurable for repeatable trials. Consensys adapts and remembers programmed parameters, therefore enabling non-technical users to manage your research.

  Core Features

 Encompassing four core features including: Shimmer3 firmware updating; Shimmer configuration; Multi-Shimmer synchronisation*; and logged data management, both Hardware and Software identify Consensys as the single most competitive performing platform for Academic, Lab or Clinical use. *When used in combination with SDLog  v0.9.0 or later.

 Data quality 

 Shimmer3 Kinematic and Biophysical sensors offer ‘best quality’ data capture – The device offers users the ability to switch between a low noise and a wide range accelerometer. The device also incorporates class leading 9 degrees of freedom (9DoF) inertial sensing with  an integrated motion processor for on-board 3D orientation estimation.