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Simultaneous logging to micro SD card and Bluetooth streaming now available

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New Bridge Amplifier+

Allows for strain and load cell data acquisition for force and resistance measurement

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Your Sensing Innovation Realised

Advanced development of wearable sensing systems. We bring your idea from concept to launch, delivering sensing innovations that matter.

What we do

High quality, biophysical and movement data in real-time


All new Shimmer3 - A powerful and elegant wearable wireless sensor platform

The all new Shimmer3, the most advanced body worn wearable wireless sensor platform is now available to pre-order. The platform includes an upgraded state of the art microprocessor, improved data quality and low profile end-user focused enclosure.

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Research and Education

Flexible sensor platform, offering rapid development and complete control

For academic, applied and clinical researchers integrating wearable sensing technologies into a wide range of applications, Shimmer offers a flexible wireless sensor platform, scientifically reliable data, and complete control of data capture, interpretation and analysis.

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Mature, robust, reliable – creating close partnerships, delivering solutions

Mature, robust and reliable market ready technology that eliminates up to 80% of the development time and expense for wearable wireless sensing applications. Shimmer delivers faster time to market, reduces development costs, and provides a higher revenue margin.

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Find the supporting information you need

Browse our supporting documentation, applications, development tools, and resources to find the information specific to your work or application.

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Some of Our Partners

Case Study

Affective Computing - Wearable Sensing Benefits and Shimmer Based Neuro-Marketing Deployment

Article gives an overview of opportunities and benefits of integrating...


"'Shimmer and its technology has been central to our new FDA- cleared soft tissue diagnostic instrument'"

Robert Thompson -CEO - Emerge Diagnostics

News & Updates

Announcement, latest news and media updates
Latest News - Shimmer in Chicago to attend EMBC 2014

Shimmer in Chicago to attend EMBC 2014

Shimmer will be in attendence at the 36th Annual International...

Latest News - Never miss a byte with ShimmerCapture

Never miss a byte with ShimmerCapture

Shimmer has recently launched ShimmerCapture and its associated...

Latest News - Feedback from User Survey 2014

Feedback from User Survey 2014

At Shimmer we have recently brought our annual user survey to a close....

Latest News - Shimmer launches Bridge Amplifier+

Shimmer launches Bridge Amplifier+

Shimmer has launched the latest addition to the Shimmer3 product...